Friday, 22 July 2011


  • If I ever write the story of my life, don’t be surprised when your name appears a billion times.
  • Relationships just needs two wonderful people, one who can trust & one who can understand.
  • Girl: If the radio breaks, would you sing for me? Boy: I would break the radio just to have the opportunity ♥
  • Cute guys make u crazy, hot guys make you drool, cool guys make you daydream, but funny guys make you fall in love without ever knowing it.
  • I can't decide what I want the most, either to be loved by someone, to find happiness or to just disappear.
  • Friendship & love are two beautiful things, but when you combine them, that’s when things get complicated.
  • Sometimes you get tired of waiting, cause your heart knows you waited long enough.
  • I miss you, all day, every day & you can't even imagine how pathetic it makes me feel because I don't even know if you miss me back.
  • I never meant to fall for you, but I did. I never meant to wait this long, but I did.
  • When you're in love, you start losing touch of reality, of everything around you & once that person disappears, reality hits you hard.

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